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Ahmedabad Excursions

Akshardham Temple (Approx 40Kms from Ahmedabad)
This is a unique combination of expert architecture and Indian traditions. A temple under the Swaminarayan sect, it is a true marvel of architecture as not a single rod of steel has been used in its construction. Exquisitely carved pink sandstone highlights the beauty of this amazingly beautiful temple. A 7 feet gold statue of Lord Swaminarayan is enshrined in the main hall while three exhibition halls portray the rich Indian culture with light and sound shows, animated electronic models and multimedia shows impart education about the old traditions of India.

Adalaj Vav (Approx 19 Kms from Ahmedabad)
Vav' in Gujarati means 'well'. Adalaj Wav is one of the most ancient wells in Gujarat. Built in 1499 AD, this well has carvings, which depict flower and bird motifs. This well is preserved almost in its original form.The highly decorated archways, pavilions and corridors are the main attractions for visitor to this place.

Modhera Sun Temple (Approx 117 Kms from Ahmedabad)
This is one of the must-see sites in the city of Ahmedabad. It is more famous for its structural design and encompasses three prime chambers namely Guda Mandap, Surya Kund and Sabha Mandap. Each chamber is meant for specific reasons. Guda Mandap is the main temple or known as sanctum sanctorum, Sabha Mandap is place for discussing about religious topics and the Surya Kund is a beautifully carved tank.

Lothal (Approx 80Kms from Ahmedabad)
One of the important archaeological excavations, this Harappan city dates back to 2nd millennium BC. 'Lothal' in Gujarati means 'Mound of Dead' same as what Mohenjodaro means in Sindhi.

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