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Around Dalhousie Sightseeing

Khajjar (22 km. from Dalhousie)
A little out of Dalhousie is a beautiful, charming retreat that makes an ideal day excursion or even an overnight visit. Far from any major town, this tranquil spot has a small lake in the centre, on which is a floating island. Fed by slim streams, this small lake rests in the centre of the large glade of Khajjiar. The glade and the lake are held sacred to Khajjinag - after whom the place is named. Khajjiar has the thick forest of the Kalatop sanctuary surrounding its soft green grass. It is 1.5 km long and 1 km wide. It is surrounded by cedar (deodar) forest. This is like a magical paradise. A temple dedicated to Khajjinag is also located there. Khajjiar is also called "Mini Switzerland".

Chamba (43 KM from Dalhousie Via Khajjar)
Located on the banks of the Ravi river the township resembles an Italian village fortress. The weather of Chamba is always pleasant, not too cold and not too hot because of its typical height of 1006 meters from mean sea level. A gentle cool breeze is refreshing the whole town at intervals. There are many famous places around Chamba Town. Chamba is known for its streams, meadows, temples, paintings, rumal ( handkerchief ) and lakes. Chamba Town sometimes experiences snowfall during winter that adds to the beauty of Chamba Town. The people of Chamba are very helpful and innocent. Chamba Town is also the main market for many villages from near and far.

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