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Lakshwdeep Sightseeing

This is a popular tourist destination in Lakshadweep. This island is also open for tourists from outside India. The beauty of the lagoons and sea beaches of Bangaram are its main attractions for tourists. Water sports and sunbathing are popular beach activities in this island.

Kalpeni Island
Kalpeni is famous for natural scenic beauty. The main attraction of this island is the storm bank. Water sports like pedal boating, sailing and kayaking are popular here.

Agatti Island
This small island is only 6 km long and 1000 m in width. The island has beautiful beaches and palm groves. Scuba diving, sailing and kayaking are some of the popular sports in Agatti.

Kavaratti Island
There are a number of tourist attractions in Kavaratti. Historical monuments, mosques, aquarium with variety of tropical fishes and lakes can be visited in Kavaratti. The Ujra Mosque is one of the most popular mosques in this island.

Kadmat Island
The sandy beaches and extensive stretch of palm trees add to the beauty of the island.

Minicoy Island
In the archipelago of Lakshadweep, the southernmost island is Minicoy. The island reflects the Maldivian essence and has a rich culture. The lighthouse of this island is an attraction to the tourists. The Tuna canning factory is also located on this island of Minicoy. Tourists visiting Minicoy will also love the dance performances by local male which is known as the Lava Dance.

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Lakshadweep Tourist Map

Lakshadweep Tourist Map

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