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Metal Craft
The ingenious metal artisanship of the craftsmen of Madhya Pradesh is legendary. Inventive designs are curved into metals and shaped into boxes, figurines & ornamental statuettes. Considered auspicious, these metal images speak volumes of the indigenous religious aspects of the tribal culture of the people.

The versatility of jute comes alive in the traditional handicrafts of Madhya Pradesh. The rugged and unfinished texture of the fiber has its unique charm. Moreover, its cheap and eco-friendly nature enhances its creative potential, and makes it suitable for weaving items like lamps, hammocks, floor coverings, wall coverings, baskets, bags and even footwear.

One needs to see the variety and distinctiveness that the folk jewelry of Madhya Pradesh displays, to believe it. From gold, silver, bronze to alloys, the tribal people here make use of various metals to adorn themselves. In addition, different ornaments made of beads, cowries and feathers form a part of tribal costumes.

Work A traditional craft of the state, zari work is a specialized form of delicate embroidery done with metallic threads, and practiced in places like Bhopal, Gwalior and Indore. Though the origin of zari work date back to about 300 years, it still preserves its inherent and exquisite charm. Earlier, used to embellish traditional items, zari work today finds a niche in the contemporary market. Richly embroidered purses, bags, cushions, jutties (shoes) & dresses are very popular.

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