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Nairobi Sightseeing

National Park
Most interesting in the vicinity of Nairobi is the remarkable 113-sq-km (44-sq-mile) Nairobi National Park, which exists just on the edge of the city. Although there are no elephants here, there are more than 80 species of mammal, including lion, cheetah, buffalo, hippo, crocodile and rhino. This surprisingly accessible, underrated park is also the scene of the second-largest herbivore migration in Kenya. Around 400 species of birds live in the park too.

Railway Museum
This privately run museum contains a treasure trove of photographs and memorabilia from the time of the construction of the ‘Lunatic Express,' the Mombasa to Kampala railway line. It was given this name by the British colonialists because of the vast amount of investment it initially required. The shaky wooden bridges, enormous chasms, hostile tribes, a pair of man-eating lions and the hundreds of men killed by disease during its construction, added to its reputation. Models, photographs and other relics bring this chunk of colonial history alive.

National Museum
The best introduction to the country, this museum is currently undergoing extensive regeneration and refurbishment. Collections of Kenya's bird and wildlife species are impressive, whilst the geological information and detail on the Rift Valley is interesting for people visiting there. Palaeontology displays, cultural exhibits, ethnic portrait paintings and contemporary artwork are also worth seeing, as is the snake park in the grounds.

Jamia Mosque
This large, striking mosque with a typically grand central dome is one of the city's most attractive buildings. The ornate green and white exterior contrasts strongly with the simple interior

Uhuru Monument
Built in 1973 to mark to the occasion of Kenya’s independence from the British, this landmark monument is the spot where Kenya’s national flag was first raised in 1963. A beautiful Ihara tree marks the exact spot where it happened and a map displays all the provinces of the country.

Kamba Village
One of the highlights of a trip to Nairobi is a visit to the beautiful lush countryside where there are lots of activities to choose from. One of the more popular day excursions is to go to a Kamba village and see how they still live their traditional life. On the way you can check out the famous Thika 14 Waterfalls and the Donyo Sabuku National Park.

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