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Penang Sightseeing

Penang Museum & Art Gallery
Built in 1821, the Museum houses a fine collection of old photographs, maps, charts and other historical relics. There are also Malay daggers (kris), Chinese furniture, embroidery and painting of old Penang. The Art gallery on the first floor displays the works of local artists and is the venue for special exhibitions. The statue of Francis Light graces the grounds in front of the buildings.

Acheen Street Mosque
Also known as Masjid Melayu, the mosque was built on land donated by Syed Sheriff Tengku Syed Hussain Aidid who came from Acheh in Sumatera. The 1820 mosque features a small window halfway up the minerat, said to have originally been a hole made by cannonball fired during the 1867 triad riots.

Wat Chayamangkalaram
The Buddhist temple of Thai architecture houses a 33-metre gold-plated reclining Buddha - said to be the third largest in the world. The niches behind the statue house urns containing the ashes of devotees

Penang Bridge
The 13.5 km spectacularly beautiful bridge linking Penang to the mainland is the longest in Asia and third longest in the world. It features a 225-metre high middle span which allows 50,000 tone ships to pass beneath.

Balik Pulau
The hills of Balik Pulau abound with clove and nutmeg trees which bear fruit in November/January and July. A visit to the spice garden is a must if you're interested in the spices which brought the early Europeans here.

Butterfly Farm
The farm spans 0.8 hectares and is home to 3,000 living specimens of over 50 species of colourful butterflies, frogs, scorpions and other insects. It features a lily pond, artificial waterfalls, a rock garden, tunnel and bubbling mud pool. Also included within the farm are a garden enclosure, breeding area, laboratory, exhibition area, souvenir shops and information centre.

Balik Pulau Kampung Houses
The traditional Malay kampung houses of Balik Pulau feature elaborate carvings, traditional roofs, long windows and verandahs. The design of these houses are also functional - stilts or posts supporting the house above the ground allows for free air circulation and hence make it cooler.

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