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Nepal Shopping

Gorkha Khukhuri : Khukuri " National Knife " is also called a Gurkha Knife, Khukuri is used by almost every Nepalese. Every Nepali has at least one khukuri in their house. They use khukuri for different purposes like; kitchenware, cutting wood, decorations and safety purpose. 

Hand Embroidered T.Shirt or Garment : You find hand embroidered T shirs or other garments very attractive buy in Kathmandu. They are mostly Moslem artisans from State of Bihar, India. You just select the design and they will make it a ziff. You can watch them making it very fast. 

Mithila Art : Mithila Art is also one of the better buys. Mithila is now located in the State of Bihar, India and is very famous for its typical style of Art and Painting.

Potha Or Pothi : Almost 90% women wear Potha or Pothi ( See picture women wearing Tiluri of different colours). This is popular among married women, who wear it as a symbol of their marriage and long life for husband.

Nepali Madal : The Nepalese Madal is a unique Drum you can buy. It is unique in nature and sounds sweet. Try to hear some Nepalese folk song and you will find extensive use of Maadal! Also featuring Spanish or Hawaian Guiter, you can also buy as they are very cheap compared to west about 1/10 th of the price and sounds well. 

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