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Beruwela Sightseeing

Msjid-ul-Abrar is the oldest mosque in Sri Lanka and does merit a visit. It is also known as the Kachimalani Mosque and is a popular destination for Muslims during the month of Ramadan

The Giant Buddha Temple
This is an appealing attraction. After all, the huge structure is, to say the least, impressive and a significant holy place for the local Buddhists. Located at the Kande Vihare temple the statue is over 160 feet tall and is in the Bhoomi Sparsha Mudra, which translates as 'touching the ground to ask the Earth to witness the Buddha’s enlightenment'.

The Beach
Spending time at the beach is an obvious but immensely enjoyable attraction and it's the ideal location for a relaxed holiday with sun and sand. The clear skies and azure blue sea will make you feel that you truly are in a tropical paradise and the swaying palms just add to the feeling of well being.

Beruwela Harbour
Beruwela also has a harbour and you can pay a nominal fee to walk around it and explore. It is not for the faint hearted as the catch of the day will involve plenty of blood on the ground and a fishy smell that can stay with you even after you come away and have a bath.

Adams Peak
This is through Gampola and Ginigathhena and you will find the story of this old path carved on two rocks off the 28th milestone on the Nawalapitiya - Ambagamuwa road. The spot is called Akuruketupana and the inscription dates to around 1100AD. Today there are four other roads to the peak, the shortest being via Maskeliya and the most popular. Other roads are on the Sabaragamuwa side.

Coral Garden
If you are into diving and snorkeling visit the coral garden just off the coast. Make sure you pick reliable help for your underwater adventure if you are going for the first time.

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