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Ankara Sightseeing

Ataturk Mausoleum
This fine memorial complex built in 1944 commemorates the Turkish founder, Ataturk. Known locally as the Anitkabir, the Ataturk Mausoleum is a stark yet grand and imposing attraction, located atop a series of steps and featuring a huge mosaic courtyard, together with an exceptionally beautiful gold leaf clad interior. The Changing of the Guard ceremony is well worth a look, as is the recent War of Independence Museum, which encircles the courtyard at its lower level. A gift shop is also onsite.

Museum of Anatolian Civilizations
The first museum in Ankara was established by Mübarek Galip Bey, Directorate of Culture, in 1921, in the section of the Castle of Ankara called Akkale. In addition to this museum, artifacts from the Augustus Temple and the Byzantine Baths were also collected.

Roman Baths
Situated on Cankiri Caddesi, just north of Ulus Meydani, the Roman Baths date back to the 3rd century AD and are well maintained. You can clearly see the heating system for the baths, as well as the dressing room (apoditerium), the hot room (caldarium), the warm room (tepidarium), and the cold room (frigidarium). Beneath the baths are 7th century BC remains from the Phrygian period.

Ankara Citadel
The Romans finished what the Galatians started in what is one of the oldest areas in Ankara today. The Byzantines and Seljuks also laid their mark on Hisar, and the whole area is perfect for wandering with its winding allies and old buildings that have been restored and converted into restaurants and cafés.

Aqua park Club Water city
Aqua park Club Water city is ideal for families with its collection of water slides and indoor and outdoor children's pools. The park also comes with a good range of sports facilities and related attractions, and has a good restaurant and a café.

Ataturk Forest Farm and Zoo
This large recreational area features a zoo, farms, a brewery and good restaurants. The picnicking at the Ataturk Forest Farm and Zoo is particularly pleasant, as is the hiking and cycling along miles of established paths.

Genclik Parki (Youth Park)
Genclik Parki is another great place to take kids in Ankara, as it has a pleasant lake and a funfair park. Newlywed couples can often be observed within the 'Wedding House' at Genclik Parki.

Temple of Augustus and Rome
Although closed to the public due to its state of disrepair, the Temple of Augustus and Rome, built in 10 AD by the Galatians, retains the best-preserved copy of the Deeds of Deified August, which detail the Roman Empire. The Romans revamped the temple in the 2nd century although nearly 2,000 years of weather and seismic activity have taken their toll on this rather ancient attraction.

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