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Hubli Sightseeing

It’s the administrative headquarters of Shimoga district. Scenic hills, valleys, water bodies, dense forests, flora and fauna, forts, temples and historical places adorn Shimoga, making it a perfect tourist destination.

Tyarekoppa Lion (10 kms from Shimoga)
It’s an ideal lion and tiger safari park established in 1988. The safari is around an area of 200 hectares of dense forest with lions, tigers, cheetah, bear, deer and rare migratory birds. The forest department organizes regular recreation and sightseeing outings. 

Note - Photography is not allowed in this safari.

Sakrebayalu Elephant Camp (14 kms from Shimoga)
Sakrebayalu Elephant Camp is home to elephants. Elephant trainers are  commendable, some elephants are born and bred at the camp, the others were brought to be trained , mahouts, ( elephant trainer) the profession has been a family tradition. They have taken up this very risky and challenging job after learning the ‘tricks of the trade from small boys under their parental guide lines & from their ancestors,you can catch a glimpse of several elephants playing in the waters, by getting into this camp before 9 am.

Jog Falls. (100kms from Shimoga)
Jog Falls. The wondrous sight is that of river Sharavathi taking a spectacular leap into the chasm from a height of 900 feet to from the highest waterfalls in India. The river Sharavathi hurtles in 4 distinct cascades. The first of these falls is known as the 'Raja' - the grandest, an unbroken sheet of water, the Raja plunges into the vapor shrouded poll 900 feet below. A few 100 feet way down, with a thunderous gush, Raja is joined by 'Roarer'. Leaping down with great speed in a series of cascades in the 'Rocket'. And gliding away in a feminine grace ,'Rani‘

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