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Bidar Sightseeing

Bidar Fort
The Bidar Fort, built in 1428 by Ahmed Shah Bahmani, stands proudly epitomizing the grandeur of the Bahmani dynasty. Five darwazas (gates) with imposing bastions lead into a little town nestling within the ramparts. Inside the fort was the royal town planned with palaces, royal baths and kitchens, audience halls, and pleasure pavilions. The Rangin Mahal, the royal residence, was built by Ali Barid (1542-1580) and features exquisite wood carvings and fascinating glazed tile mosaics.

Solah Khamba Mosque
The Solah Khamba Mosque or sixteen columned prayer hall is the oldest Muslim building in Bidar and one of the largest in India. 

Part of the royal town inside the magnificent Bidar Fort this stately mosque served as the principal place of worship within the fort. Though built under the Bahamani Sultan Ahmad Shah Wali regime in 1429 AD, it was extended later

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