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Alchi Sightseeing

The Du-Khang
Alchi Du-khang, also known as the assembly hall is the largest and the oldest preserved structure of the complex. It is the main area utilised by monks for ceremonies. Entrance to the du-khang is through a court with colonaded verandah. Murals of thousand Buddha adorn the cloisters while the outer gate has the Wheel of Life and Mahakal on its side. The walls of the du-khang, dedicated to panch tathgats, are painted with six different mandalas centring on Vairochana.

The Sum-Tsek
The second important temple of the monastery complex is a three storey mud structure housing three enormous figures of four armed Bodhisattvas. The figures are so huge that the celings of the ground floor have been cut away to allow the heads to extend upto second floor. The Bodhisattvas are placed in alcove in the side and far walls while the centre of the ground floor is occupied by a figure of Maitreya Buddha. The figure is a 14 1/2 feet tall structure with his upper right hand in abhaymudra. To his left is the white Avalokiteshvara and to the right is a figure of Manjushri in a vitarkamudra (gesture of explanation).

The Temple Of Manjushri
Also known as Jampe Lhakhang, this temple was a free standing structure built around the four central image of Manjushri. The large central platform has a complex throne construction. On this throne are seated the four clay images of Mañjushri, back to back.

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