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Ladakh Quick Facts


Renowned as "Little Tibet", not just because of its geographical proximity to Tibet, but also because it plays host to several Tibetan cultural festivals. The beauty of Ladakh is incomparable. Stark mountains dotted with colourful gompas (monasteries), fluttering prayer flags, rocky ridges, dry plains and tiny settlements. And adding to its beauty is the Indus River that seems to have a different shade for every season. During summer it turns grayish, owing to its silt deposits, occasionally turning a shade of violet. Autumn turns it the most beautiful - shades of aquamarine waters flowing through orange-flamed poplars and weeping willows. The weather might at times play havoc with your plans, but the aura of this land leaves awestruck. More than sheer tourism Ladakh emerging as a highly acclaimed adventure ground. .

Capital Leh
Languages Ladakhi, Kashmiri, Dogri, Hindi and English
Best Time to Visit March to October By Road- June to October from Himachal & Kashmir


June to September

July & August- Ladakh gets very less rains.

November to May end (Hasty snow fall)

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