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Kokan Sightseeing

Famed for its fresh air, clean water and sands, Alibaug is a coastal town in Maharashtra. Situated at the south of Mumbai, this town is the headquarters of Raigad district. The captivating mix of tranquil, sleepy fishing villages and various beaches, that it provides makes it a popular weekend getaway for Mumbai revelers.

Divegar Beach / (Suvarna Ganesh)
Diveagar Beach can easily rival any beach on the west coast of India for its clear waters, white sand & serenity. Diveagar is just like any other village on the Konkan coast but it gained overnight fame upon the discovery of Ganesh idol made of pure gold in one of the Supari Baghs (Garden) in the village.

Kashid Beach
Kashid, Maharashtra is most famous for its beautiful beaches, Kashid has magnificent blue seas, white sand and great scenery. It has one of the cleanest beaches in Konkan region. Unlike other good beaches, it does not have huge crowds so one can have his relaxation experience without any noise and disturbance. It’s indeed a sight to behold when one witnesses the might of Arabian Sea.

Shri Kshetra Parashuram
According to Hindu mythology Shri Parshuram was the sixth incarnation of lord Vishnu, and he created Konkan by driving back the sea with his arrow. The specialty of this temple of parshuram is that it was first built by Adilshah and later after 300 years renovated by the siddhi's of janjira.

Ganapatipule is one of the most spectacular beaches along the Konkan Coast – an idyllic getaway that attracts peace-seekers, beach lovers, and pilgrims alike. The temple of Swayambhu (self-originated) Ganesh is much frequented by thousands every year. The God is considered to be the Paschim Dwardevta (Western Sentinel God of India), and those who visit Ganapatipule, make it a point to pay their respects to this great deity.

Murud / Harnai Beach
Harnai is a very quiet beach situated at a distance of about 200-km from Mumbai. It is gaining tourist importance day by day and is usually visited by people from Pune and Mumbai during the weekends. There is an old fort too at Harnai, which is built in different levels. South of the Harnai fort is the palm-fringed beach of Murud, famous for its clean white sands and safe waters.

Along with the Mahalakshmi temple, Kelshi has a long, scenic, unexplored beach. It is calm and peaceful here with only the sea waves for company. It is about three kilometers in length and ideal for people looking for a break from the maddening city crowds. Along the coast are thick woods and groves of Kevda and Cyprus, coconut and betel nut. Located at the base of the Utambar hill, enclosed in a stone wall fortification, this Swayambhu Mahalakshmi temple was built during the Peshwa regime. It also houses the idols of Lord Ganpati and Lord Shiva.

Guhagar located at 42 Kms. from Chiplun is a typical Konkani town with a beautiful clean Beach where a lot of people come in the evenings to see the sunset. There is an ancient Shiv temple of Vyadeshwar here, Guhagar is a small place and people who want a quiet peaceful holiday prefer coming to guhagar. There are quiet a few other temples in guhagar like Ufrata Ganpati Mandir to visit.

Hedvi Village is a compact village located close to Guhagar. The main attractions in this charming village are a Lord Ganesha temple and Sri Dasabhuj Lakshmi Ganesh Devasthan, dashabhuj stands for ten hands. Another attraction here is the Uma Maheshwari temple and the Brahman Ghal. Brahman Gal is a natural Gorge formed in Arabian Sea shore.

Murud - Janjira
Murud : A picturesque holiday spot with full of coconut and betel nut trees, Glittering coastline of sandy beach and the surrounding greenery makes this magnificient place a hot spot of the tourists. A small fishing village, Murud is famous for its marvelous beaches, ancient forts, coconut and beetal palms.

Janjira : The fort is build in the sea 2 km inside of Murud. This is one of the vital sea-forts in Maharashtra. It has strong walls 40 ft high and standing intact even after being battered by the sea waves from all four sides. the fort was never conquered by any enemy for over 350 years. Shivaji, Sambhaji and the Peshwas tried to take over the fort. But the Marathas, British or Portuguese could never capture Janjira. The Janjira Fort had a number of towers and turrets where huge guns and cannons were kept in perpetual readiness to ward off enemies. Once the fort boasted of 500 canons but today only a few are left. the famous among them are Kalal Bangadi, Chavari and Landa Kasam. The 2 water tanks inside the fort and some tombs are worth watching. A stone carving on the main entrance depicts six elephants trapped by a single tiger, which is the symbol of bravery of the Siddis. There are two sweet water lakes inside the fort, which exist even today.  

Anjarle is one of the finest places in Konkan. It is just 26 km from Dapoli. It is famous for the ‘Kadyawarcha Ganpati’ (Ganesh temple situated on a cliff). You can get a magnificent view of the thick plantation of coconut trees, betel nut trees, Suvarnadurg Fort, blue sea and surrounding hills from the top of this cliff.Anjarle also has a clean, unspoiled beach with white sand and surrounded by palms and trees.

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