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Uttarakhand Shopping

Shopping in Uttaranchal promises to be great fun! From beautiful artifacts to designer clothes shopping in this state offers the travelers unmatched fun. The capital city of Dehradun houses some of the exquisitely designed shopping malls offering woolen clothes, traditional array of handicrafts to excellently decorated souvenirs. For those who share a special penchant for artistic designs can opt for buying intricately carved wooden statues, clay idols and artistically designed home décor items.

Woolen Products
Wool and woodwork is a traditional skill in this mountainous regional an amazing variety of woolens which are generally made up of extremely good quality.

The main handicraft in Uttaranchal is woodcarving. Like all hilly states, Uttaranchal also has rich forestland. Wood has traditionally served as the base for crafts fashioned out by the local artisans.

The painting of Garhwal region are famous for their Mughal influence. To see some of the most exquisite Mughta paintings, The paintings have a sense of freshness and diversity about them. The women folk of Kumaon also practice a different kind of painting called Aipan. In this form of painting, geometrical figures of Gods, Goddess and objects are painted on the walls, paper and pieces of clothes. Another form of wall painting is Peeth-one of the oldest of all the form of art practiced in Uttaranchal. Extensive use of geometric shapes are incorporated in these paintings as well.

The traditional artists and goldsmiths of Uttaranchal have created a niche for themselves in making conventionally exquisite ornaments. Done mostly on gold, silver and copper, these ornaments are an important representation of Uttaranchal culture.

Basmati rice
When in Dehradun, do not forget to pick up the famous Basmati rice which is a specialty of Uttaranchal. There are various government emporiums as well as local markets form where you can but anything you desire.

Shopping Available at

Paltan Bazaar – All the Famous Handicrafts and Souvenirs and Famous Basmati Rice.  Rajpur Road and Ashley Hall – Exquisite Artifacts, Wooden Crafts Work and Brass Statues.

Sahakari Bazaar and Connaught Place - Beautiful Sweaters, Cardigans, Shawls and Tibetan Carpets.

Handloom products and Kumaon woollens, Colorful Candles From the Mall in Nainital.

Government Emporiums – Carved Wooden Furniture, Shekhawati Paintings, Semi-Precious Stones, Astrological Stones, Ayurvedic Medicine, Medicinal Plants, Woolens, and Junk Jewelery.

Old Bazaar – Angora Clothers, Traditionally Designed Pashmina Shawls, Copper Ware, Kumaoni Style Jewellery.

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Uttarakhand Tourist Map

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