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Egypt Shopping

Traditional Shopping (Markets and Bazaars)
Khan El-Khalili Bazar: Built at the tail end of the fourteenth century, the magnificent Khan el-Khalili is the biggest bazaar in Egypt and the Middle East. It fulfils the ultimate orientalist fantasy with its ramshackle corridors, brightly coloured stalls, heady scent of incense and the din of its hagglers. It's just like a virtual Aladdin's cave with its meandering maze of stalls glittering with endless lamps and lanterns in gold, copper and silver. The air is heavy with the smells of its essential oils and multicoloured mounds of herbs and spices. Though swamped by souvenirs, there are real treasures to be found from backgammon boards to beautiful boxes inlaid intricately with mother-of-pearl.
Whether you're after souvenirs or spices, sequins or shishas, you can give your wallet a workout in Egypt's traditional souqs or modern-day malls. In its bustling bazaars, you can pick up everything from exquisite jewellery to hand-woven carpets, papyrus paintings, pipes and perfumes.

Modern Shopping
Cairo's seen an explosion of western-style shopping malls over the past decade with the average mall boasting up to 500 local shops and international chains. You can shop for your favorite brands or be daring and try something completely different.
Egyptian malls aren't just places to shop, they're places to Socialise with friends and families. At weekends, families from Cairo often meet up in one of its many malls. There are plenty of places to stop off at and recuperate like coffee shops and full-blown food courts.

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