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Maldives Shopping

Majeedhee Magu
Located on the main road in the island, Majeedhee Magu is the main shopping place in Maldives, where you can find virtually anything under the sun. You can check out some trendy handbags and watches or else look out for perfumes and cosmetics over here.

Chaandanee Magu
This is another happening shopping place of the city that is famous for its souvenir items. The main items include the "thudu kuna", which are basically mats woven by Maldivians using local natural fibers and the charming wooden miniature dhonis.

Local Market
Here, you can find in display, the local produce from atolls consisting of distinctive kinds of local fruits, vegetables, jams, sweetmeat, homemade sweets and pickles etc.

North Male Atoll
Male's offers a variety of goods for the discerning shopper looking out for a great bargain. Located a few miles away from the fish market one could scout the local market for handicrafts, the many stalls have various products that have been gathered from the different atolls in Male'. Homemade jams, preserves, sweets and pickles can also be purchased at the local market.Visitors could visit Majeedhee Magu for garments, cosmetics, electronic gadgets, shoes, handbags and kitchenware. Chaandanee Magu is the place to visit for souvenirs, the shops in Male' remain open till 11 pm therefore visitors could shop at their leisure.

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