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Auckland Sightseeing

Auckland Museum
Overlooking the Waitemata harbour and occupying one of New Zealand's finest heritage buildings, the Auckland Museum War Memorial Museum is the cultural and spiritual touchstone for New Zealanders. The Museum is the first stop for anyone wishing to gain an insight into New Zealand and its people. Includes priceless Maori treasures, amazing natural history, daily Maori cultural performances, and an ever-changing feast of local and international exhibitions

Kelly Tarlton's underwater world
Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World is a public aquarium in Auckland, New Zealand that was opened in 1985. It was the brainchild of New Zealand marine archeologist and diver Kelly Tarlton (1937-1985). Built in disused sewage storage tanks, the aquarium used a new form of acrylic shaping, which allowed curved tunnels rather than viewing areas with flat panels only, as in previous aquariums. The project is also one of the first to use conveyor belts to slowly move people through the viewing areas.

Sky Jump
SkyJump is one of New Zealand's most thrilling tourist attractions and one of Auckland’s 'don’t miss' experiences. SkyJump can be described as Base Jumping, while attached to a wire – just like a movie stuntman! You’ll fall very fast (approximately 85kph) for around 11 seconds, and then come to a very smooth landing in the Sky City plaza below. SkyJump is the perfect Auckland activity for young and old and is the ideal corporate team building activity for businesses in Auckland!

Bastion Point
Bastion Point offers fine views out over the Hauraki Gulf and Waitemata Harbour as well as central Auckland. A popular destination for kite fliers, Bastion Point lives up to its name and has the remains of WWII-era lookout bunkers and gun emplacements. Michael Joseph Savage Memorial Gardens, dedicated to the Labour Party legend and prime minister of the 1930's, consist of a beautifully kept garden and reflecting pool, and a delightful art deco memorial and obelisk.

Auckland Harbour Bridge
The Auckland Harbour Bridge is an eight-lane box truss motorway bridge over the Waitemata Harbour, joining St Marys Bay in Auckland with Northcotein North Shore City, New Zealand. The bridge is part of State Highway 1 and the Auckland Northern Motorway. It is the second-longest road bridge in New Zealand, and the longest in the North Island. Here's your chance to be Spiderman as you climb aboard Auckland's Harbour Bridge. In just 90 mintues you'll traverse the walkways accompanied by a local guide, while Auckland's incredible sights are showcased below you.

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