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Wellington Sightseeing

City Tour
The main sights of the Capital city include:  Beehive and Parliament Buildings + Old Saint Paul's Cathedral + Exquisite Lady Norwood Rose Gardens + Mount Victoria + Wellington Harbour + A ride on the historic cable car.

Te Papa Museum
Te Papa is a dynamite destination for families, with heaps of interactive, informative and entertaining ways to play and learn. Check out our events pages and maybe whip up a wonderful craft creation. Take your little ones over the StoryPlace bridge and make marvellous memories together exploring our amazing play area!

Wellington Zoo
Wellington Zoo is a magical place of learning and fun, leaving visitors with a sense of wonder and respect for nature and a belief in the need for a sustainable co-existence between wildlife and people. Wellington Zoo is New Zealand’s first Zoo, having been established in 1906.

Karori Wildlife Sanctuary
Nowhere else on the mainland are students and teachers able to walk through regenerating forest where rare and endangered wildlife such as tuatara, saddleback, hihi and many others live freely in their natural habitat. The Karori Sanctuary Trust offers a variety of environmental education programmes and supporting resource materials that provide students and teachers with positive and inspiring environmental experiences: in, about and for the environment.

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