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Kashmir Shopping

Shopping in Kashmir is a truly an overwhelming and delightful experience. A shopper's paradise, Kashmir offers numerous shopping attractions to its visitors.

Saffron, Dry fruits & Honey
The saffron and dry fruits of Kashmir are renowned throughout the world. Infact, the only place in the world, other than Spain, where saffron grows is Pampore, outside Srinagar. The most expensive spice in the world, saffron is quite rare too. However, you can easily find sealed jars of saffron in Srinagar, affixed with the Government laboratory's stamp approval. Along with saffron, dry fruits of Kashmir are equally popular. The climate of the valley is conducive for dry fruit growing, especially for walnut and almond trees. Another famous product of Kashmir is natural honey, produced in the numerous apiaries in the valley. So, if you take a trip to the valley don't forget to buy Kashmiri saffron & dry fruits, along with the delicious natural honey.

The handmade carpets of Kashmir are famous throughout the world. Though quite expensive, Kashmiri carpets are a worthwhile lifelong investment. Apart from being always handmade, another quality of Kashmir carpets is that they are always knotted, never tufted.

The Kashmir valley is known for its shawls throughout the world. Kashmir shawls are mainly of three types- wool, pashmina and shahtoosh. They differ on the basis of the fabric used to make them. Simultaneously, all these shawls differ to a great extent in their prices also.

Silk & Tweeds
Kashmir silk and tweed are some of the items that are invariably high on the shopping list of all those coming to the Kashmir valley. Infact, sericulture and tweed weaving counts amongst the important occupations of the Kashmiris.

The wooden carvings of Kashmir are quite popular throughout the country. The exquisite woodcarvings are proof of the skill and talent of the traditional craftsmen of Kashmir.

Kashmiri crewelwork or Chain stitch
Kashmiri crewelwork or Chain stitch is in great demand all over the world because high quality of crewel embroidery done on wall hangings and rugs.
Chain stitch, be it in wool, silk or cotton, is done by hook rather than needles on white backgrounds The hook is referred to as art, and quality for quality, hook work covers a much larger area than needle work in the same amount of time.

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