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Thanjavur Sightseeing

Sri Brihadeswara Temple
The Chola King, Rajaraja I, built the Brihadeswara Temple in Thanjavur. The temple that was constructed in the 10th century AD is a magnificent example of Chola Temple architecture that was further applied in other cities in the peninsula too.

The Palace
The Palace of Tanjore stands near the Brihadeswara temple. The Palace is a huge building that has been built through many decades. Nayaks initiated the foundation and primary work of construction around 1550 AD. The Marathas later completed the building during the reign of Peshwas.

Art Gallery
The Art Gallery is situated in the Thanjavur Palace only. The place is a must visit in Tanjore as it houses some of the most magnificent and precious Granite and Bronze statues of the Chola period.

Saraswati Mahal Library
Saraswati Mahal Library is situated in the Tanjore Palace only. Saraswati Library houses, among others, over 30,000 palm-leaves and paper manuscripts in Indian and European languages. These manuscripts belong to a range of rulers in peninsular India ranging from Cholas and Pallavas to British and Portuguese. This is a must visit place for academicians and researchers.

Hall of Music
The Hall of Music is situated in the Tanjore Palace only. This hall is known for its near perfect acoustics and performance stage. The place has seen performances by some of the stalwarts of Carnatic Music in India.

Royal Museum
Like various other tourist attractions in Thanjavur, The Royal Museum too is located in the Thanjavur Palace complex only. The museum is one of its kinds in peninsular India as it houses mixed collections of manuscripts, weapons, utensils, musical instruments and clothing that were used by the Royal Family of Thanjavur.

Schwartz Church
Schwartz Church is a living example of religious tolerance of Cholas. Rajah Serfoji built the Church that stands in the Thanjavur Palace garden in the year 1779 AD in token of his affection for the C. V. Schwartz who belonged to the Danish Mission. The architecture is a welcome break from the Chola temple architecture that dominates the city of Tanjore.

Siva Ganga Tank
Siva Ganga Tank stands in a garden near the Thanjavur Palace. The tank that is still in use was known for its sweet water that was the chief source of drinking for the habitants of Tanjore Palace.

Sharja Madi
Sharja Madi is the Royal balcony in the Thanjavur Palace. Located in the eastern part of the palace complex, Sharja Madi offers a panoramic view of Thanjavur city to the visitors. The balcony has been decorated with wooden carvings and sculptures that are unique in Peninsular India.

Tholkappiyar Sadukkam
Tholkappiyar Sadukkam was also constructed during the 8th World Tamil Conference. This is actually a Square that encloses a tower. The tower offers a panaromic view of the bustling Thanjavur Town.

Airavatheeswar Temple (Approx 30 Kms from Thanjavur)
The temple that was constructed around 12th century A.D is counted among the bests of Chola Temples in India. Going by its unique architecture, the place has been recognized by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Monument.

Kumbakonam (Approx 35Kms from Thanjavur)
A visit to the temple town of Kumbakonam is a must for every tourist. Kumbakonam is famous for its temples sculptures having erotic overtones. Some of the must visit temples are Sarangapani, Kumbeswarar, Nageswara and Ramaswamy temples. Kumbakonam is also the venue of the Mahamaham festival that is celebrated every 12 years.

Kodikkarai (Point Calimere) (Approx 100 Kms from Thanjavur)
The place is famous for its bird sanctuary that is noted for its congregation of migratory waterfowls such as Flamingoes that come here during the winters

Swamimalai (Approx 30 Kms from Thanjavur)
The place is believed to be one of the six abodes of Lord Subramanya.

Vailankanni (Approx 90 Kms from Thanjavur)
Vailankanni is Roman Catholic pilgrimage that is famous for a beautiful Church dedicated to 'Lady of Health'. This is famous for its Portuguese and Dutch architecture.

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