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Jaipur Excursions

Ranthambore National Park (130Kms from Jaipur)
Ranthambore National Park used to be the hunting ground of Maharajas of Jaipur. The Park is an eye treat for the lovers of wild-life. It is one of the best tiger reserves in India The Sanctuary has a great variety of flora and fauna. It’s also classified as a heritage site as it possesses some of the ruins of old monuments. The Lake Palaces, Cenotaphs and Old Citadels stand amidst the park that dates back to thousand years.

Sambhar Lake (60Kms from Jaipur)
Sambhar is famous for the largest saline lake in India. Due to this fact, Sambhar is also known as Salt Lake City. Literally, Sambhar means salt and the lake has been providing salt for over a thousand years.

Ramgarh Lake (28Kms from Jaipur)
Ramgarh is popular for its huge artificial lake. The lake was created by constructing a high bund amidst tree covered hills. The white temple of Jamwa Mata and the ruins of the old fort are some of its antiquities, its stunning landscape, especially in monsoons, makes it an idyllic picnic spot. Boating is available as an option between October to June in Ramgarh. Other options include trekking in the mountains, fishing, jeep driving to the nearby jungle, visit a carpet village and a marble quarry. Near Ramgarh Lake lies another historic edifice the Ramgarh Lodge, encompassing a museum and a library. Now Ramgarh Lodge has been converted into a heritage hotel.

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