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Mount Abu Excursions

Achalgarh (08 Kms from Mount Abu)
Rana Kumbha got the fort constructed in the 14th century. It is mainly famous for some beautiful Jain temples enclosed inside it. Among all the temples, the significant ones include Achaleswar Mahadev temple (built in 1412 )and Kantinath Jain Temple (built in 1513)

Trevor’s Tank (5 Kms from Mount Abu)
It is named after the British engineer who got it constructed. The main attractions of the tank are the pigeons, peacocks and partridges that can be easily seen by the birdwatchers in the densely wooded hills nearby.

Guru Shikhar (15Kms from Mount Abu)
The highest peak on the mount. It is approximately 1722 m above the sea level. The peak provides an amazing view of the environs of Mt. Abu. Other attractions of the peak include a small shrine and a temple of Dattatreya.

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