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Rajasthan Shopping

Shopping Attractions
Gems and Jewels, Traditional Paintings, Blue Pottery, Perfumes, Leather Items, Jaipuri Light Weight Quilts, Sweets, Metalware, Carved White Mable.

Shopping Destinations
Jaipur, Sanganer, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Nathdwara, Shekhawati, Pushkar.

World Renowned For
Precious and Semi Precious Stones, Tie and Dye Fabrics, Block Prints, Bandhani Work, Lac Jewellery.

Shop From
Johari Bazaar Jaipur - Ethnic Silver Jewelery. Sanganer - Hand Block Printed Fabric. Kapra and Sarafa Bazaar, Jodhpur Bandhini and Lahariya ( Hand - Dyed). Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bikaner - Jootis, Snacks. Pushkar Market Costume Jewellery, Brass Utensils. Shekhawati - Paintings.

Must to Do
Test Your Bargaining Skills and Attain Immense Satisfaction.

Must to Pick
Antique Silver and Kundan Jewellery, Blue Pottery, Tie and Dye Fabrics.

Rajasthan Shopping
Rajasthan is one of the shoppers paradise in India with numerous objects providing a glimpse to its age old rich tradition and culture. Shopping in Rajasthan will be an exciting experience for any one. Numerous shopping places offering something for every kind of traveller. The fascinating art and crafts, textiles, jewellery, miniature paintings are the major shopping items. Several government emporiums and market complexes in every cities offers all kinds of items to purchase.

Each area of Rajasthan has its own unique style of jewellery made in gold, silver, platinum and many precious stones. The state is famous for its jewellery industry and is a major source for precious and semi precious stones like Ruby, Emerald, Agate, Topaz etc. Some of the traditional ornaments are bangles made of Lac, rakhdi, Tussi necklace, armlet, bracelets(Gokhrus) etc. Kundan - the art of setting stone and Minakari - the art of enamelling are two important crafts in jewellery making. The cities like Jaipur and Jodhpur are popular for its different types of jewellery.

Different painting items are another major shopping article which can be found in all parts of Rajasthan. The state has different school of paintings such as the Hadoti, Kishangarh, Alwar, Mewar and Marwar. Miniature paintings often painted on hand made paper representing various mythological stories, court scenes and natural scenes are the most popular painting type in Rajasthan. The cloth paintings(Pichwais) of Udaipur, the frescoes of Shekhawati are the popular painting items, which one can buy.

Stone Carving
Variety of stones like marble, pink sand stone are used to produce several statues, idols, figures of Human and animal which are another shopping items available in all market places

The main terracotta items include jars, water pots, utensils, vessels are another important item to purchase. Painted pottery of Bikaner, stone wares of Jaisalmer, paper thin kagji pottery of Alwar are some of the best items to purchase.

Items like Jooties(foot wear), musical instruments, bags, chairs are some important leather product to purchase. Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer are known for their traditional leather shoes.

Rajasthan offers a fascinating range of dyed and printed fabrics. One can fine different types of textile in different cities of the state. Some most popular designs are made by hand block printing, colouring and dying, embroidery work with use of mirror, gold brocades. The markets of Sanganer, Bagru, Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur are famous for their traditional fabrics.

Carpets & Dhurries
These carpets manufactured in Jaipur include floor coverings made up of small mats known as jajams which is meant for seating. The dhurrie, which is another type of carpet made of cotton, was produced by the jail prisoners. The multi colored carpet rugs enhances the beauty of your home. The traditional carpets, with their attractive designs, is a must buy article if you want to increase the decorative beauty of your home. They come in a wide range of styles, patterns, colors and materials.

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