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Coimbatore Sightseeing

Perur Temple
Those in love with ancient art and architecture may well visit the Perur Temple. Built by Karikala Cholan. It is dedicated to Lord Siva. The presiding deity of the temple is known as Patteeswarar and His Consort, Pachai Nayaki. The exquisite sculptures in the hall, Kanagasabi, attract on e and all. It is also known as Mel Chidambaram.

Maruthamalai Temple
Dedicated to Lord Murugan, the presiding deity is known as Dandayuthapani.

Agriculture University
This is the sixteenth Farm University in independent India. Though it came into existence on June 1, 1971 its ancestry is much older than that of the earliest started Agricultural University in the country.

Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary (Approx 90 Kms from Coimbatore)
The sanctuary sprawls over 958 sq. kms a verdant home to a multifarious species of fauna. Enjoy your adventure filled excursion here and witness the wild at leisure which includes, elephant, gaur, tiger, panther, sloth bear, deer, wild bear, wild dog, pangolin, civet cat and birds like rocket tailed drongl, red whiskered bulbul, black headed oriole, etc. The Amaravathy reservoir in the Anamalais has a large number of crocodiles. There are also many places of scenic beauty such as Karaishola, Anaikunthi shola, grass hills, waterfalls, groves, teak forests, estates, dams and reservoirs.

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