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Tamilnadu Quick Facts


Tamilnadu Tourism in India has flourished due to its ancient Indian heritage. A state in Southeastern India, Tamilnadu is the heart of rich Dravidian culture. Many great powers of the past including the Cholas, the Pallavas, the Pandyas and the Vijayanagara Empire ruled over parts of Tamil Nadu and left behind spectacular temples and monuments, which tourists can see on tours of Tamilnadu, India.

Capital Chennai
Languages Tamil, English, Hindi and Kannad
Best Time to Visit October to February


April-June is the hottest summer period (with the temperature rising up to the 40ºC mark) During summers (April to June), the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu become awkwardly warm and humid, but the nights become cool and pleasant due to sea breeze in the afternoon. During the hot season, the charming hill stations of Tamil Nadu provide much needed respite from heat and humidity.

Tamil Nadu gets most of its rains from the North-east Monsoons between October and December while the state remains largely dry during the South West Monsoon season. The average annual rainfall in Tamil Nadu ranges between 25 and 75 inches a year.

November-February is the coolest winter period (with temperatures hovering around 20ºC), making the climate quite pleasant.

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Tamilnadu Tourist Map

Tamilnadu Tourist Map

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