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Jamnagar Excursions

Dwarka (Approx 144Kms from Jamnagar)
Dwarkadhish Temple : Dwarka city is located in the Jamnagar district of Gujarat. Dwarka was the capital of the Empire of Shri Krishna. It is believed that Lord Krishna settled in Dwarka city after he left Mathura. This happened thousands of years back but the association of the city with Lord Krishna has given Dwarka its sacredness and thus millions of pilgrims are lured to this holy land. There are many tourist attractions in Dwarka.It is one of the most ancient cities in India and houses the famous Dwarkadhish temple, which is one of the biggest Hindu pilgrimage places in India. The city was also called Swarna Dwarka (golden Dwarka) because of its prosperity.

Rukmini Devi Temple : It is a small but beautiful temple . The temple is an architectural bliss that you can’t afford to miss during sightseeing in Dwarka, India.

Rukmini Hrid : This is one of the major Dwarka tourist attractions. There are 7 ponds, which are jointly called the “Rukmini Hrid”. This place is believed to destroy all the sins and bestow salvation. It is also said that by taking a dip at Rukmini Hrid, a man becomes powerful and is untied from the birth and death cycle.

Brahma Kund : Another popular tourist attraction in Dwarka is the Brahma Kund. Here the actual bathing takes place. It is believed that at the kund, nectar got mixed with the sacred Ganges water.

Nageshwar Mahadev : Another must see is the temple of Nageshwar Mahadev about 12 kms from Dwarka. It is counted as one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in the country.

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