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Kom Ombo Sightseeing

Kom Ombo Temple
The Temple known as Kom Ombo is actually two temples made up of a Temple to Sobek and a Temple of Haroeris. In ancient times, sacred crocodiles basked in the sun on the river bank near here. (They still do so watch out for them as you get off the ships) The Temple has scant remains, due first to the changing Nile, then the Copts who once used it as a church, and finally by builders who used the stones for new buildings.

Hathor Chapel and Crocodile
To the right side of the Temple there is a small room, which firstly was built and dedicated to goddess Hathor. Now it is used to display mummified crocodiles, which were found in the vicinity of the Temple. A few of the three-hundred crocodile mummies discovered in the vicinity are displayed inside the Temple.

Medicine Instruments
The left side of the Temple is dedicated Horus who was also known as the good doctor. The Temple became famous for its healing power. It was a major pilgrimage site here a healing cult was developed and the temple was a sanctuary for many patients who were seeking help and treatment by the priests. There is a very remarkable scene on the inner side of the back wall of the Temple. It shows the first illustration of medical and surgery tools, which are presented, to a seated god.

Crocodile Mummies
To the right of the duel gate way is a small shrine to the goddess Hathor today this contains four mummified crocodiles

Entrance & Courtyard of Augustus
The entrance into the Temple is located to the Easter side. There is an ancient Gate built by Neos Dionysus (Ptolemy XIII). Then you will see Mud brick Enclosure Wall and the Birth House of Ptolemy VII (Mammissi). The Birth House is the nearest building to the river. Its western half was destroyed, so little of it remained till now.

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