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Jim Corbett National Park Sightseeing

Jim Corbett National Park was founded in 1936, as the Hailey National Park. Later it has changed to Jim Corbett National Park in the honours of fabled hunter-Jim Corbett is best known for his book “The Man-Eaters of Kumaon, this Park is one of the majestic place for the Nature and Wildlife lovers. In this park Elephant Safari and Jeep Safari are favorite activity. This park is situated on the bank of Ramganga River. Corbett is also a bird-watcher’s paradise, and since the creation of the Kalagarah Dam on the Ramganga River, large numbers of waterfowl have been attracted here.

Park Timing : The park normally opens at 0600 hrs in the morning and is open till about 1100 hrs in the morning. However tourists who are booked for full day safari spend the time from 1130 Hrs – 1300 Hrs at any of the rest houses inside the forest and do bird watching, or can take rest on machaan and enjoy the wildlife. In the afternoon the park timings usually are from 1430 to 1730. However depending on the season the timings change locally which the forest authorities of Corbett National Park notify.

Best Time to Visit : between October to June every year. Corbett remains closed between June 16 and November 14, when the monsoons flood the river beds and cut the fragile road links.

General Info / Tips
Entry Inside The Corbett National Park : Visitors are advised to reach the gate half an hour in advance to complete the formalities for entry into the park.
Photo Id : Driving License/ Voter Id / Pan card is required. he id number, date of birth, full name and gender, date of expiry of the ID for booking .While traveling the guest will have to carry the same ID.
Passport Details : Passport Details of Foreign Nationals is mandatory. Passport Number , Full Name & Gender, Date of Issue and expiry, date of Birth, Nationality is required for Advance Bookings of Morning jeep safari While traveling the guest will have to Carry the Passport
Tourist Information Centres : All visitors to Corbett National Park have to obtain  permits from the park administration centre at Ramnagar. The closest of the various gatesInto the Corbett national park, 1-m from central Ramnagar, is on the road to Bijrani camp, 11-km away, a base for day trips. Dhangarhi Gate, 18-kms along the highway north to Ranikhet, provides access to the northern and north western portio of the Jim Corbett Park along the RamnagarRiver valley, and to the main camp of Dhikala.

Booking Procedure of Jeep Safari

Morning Safari
Advance booking of Jeep Safari in Corbett National Park is available for morning Safari’s in Bijrani, Jhirna and Durgadevi Zones. The Booking is on first cum first serve basis and a non refundable advance need to be deposited with complete details of the members going for safari. We request you to send the details well in advance for avoiding the hassle of visit into the park as there is a limitation of number of vehicles permitted. You have to carry the given id at the time of safari. For advance booking a photo id for Indian Nationals and Passport Details of Foreign Nationals is mandatory. Advance booking of Safari can be done 30 Days in advance.

It can not be booked in advance by the third party and permits are issued to the guests only It is strictly on first come first serve basis and guest has to personally travel to Ramnagar Forest Office to book the safari. The permit for afternoon safari is issued 48 hours prior to safari.

Summer Timings for safari Entry< Winter Timings for safari Entry<
Morning Safari: 0630 hrs Morning Safari: 0730 hrs
Evening Safari: 1600 hrs Evening Safari: 1500 hrs

Exit Exit
Morning Safari: 0930 hrs Morning Safari: 1030 hrs
Evening Safari: 1800 hrs Evening Safari: 1700 hrs

Mainly there are 03 entry gates for Jeep safari in Corbett national park:

1. Jirna Gate - Open Round the Year

2. Bijrani Gate - 01st Oct till 30th June 

3. Dhangari - 16th Nov- 15 June

Jeep Safari
It is a fascinating and unique experience to explore the secrets of a jungle clinging on to a jeep & being told exciting stories of wild encounters by the accompanying guide. Jeep safari is the best option when you want to travel into the insides of a forest & also a good option when you want to take on the off beaten tracks like mountains and hills. The most favourable time for a jeep safari are the early hours of the morning as well as the late evening hours when the temperature remains suitable and it will be the easiest to spot wildlife.

Canter Safari
Day visits to Dhikala are only through canters (an open bus with gallery seating which are arranged by the forest department.

Elephant Safari
Riding an elephant will surely make you feel like a maharajah..Elephant safari is an ideal way to venture into the beaten tracks of a jungle and explore the areas where it becomes difficult even for jeeps to travel. Moreover, elephants being a part of the animal kingdom can move closer to animals without scaring them away.

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